Without resources, there is no life. One who studies creation finds it obvious that the resources and the place we dwell were created first. Then God breathed into existence human life, born in His own image. Properly respecting our resources is a passion here at Millcraft. The way we handle these profitable resources, the way we respect each other and the way we worship our Creator God, will make or break our world. Developing the Lynnwood Collection and the natural hand-rubbed finish has been a rewarding experience.

Lynnwood lends itself to more than just nature; it provides a balanced experience in your bedroom. This collection is clean and congenial. In a world of clamor and disarray that is turning into ill-consumption and waste, we purposed to develop a bedroom suite with refreshing spareness, usefulness and longevity.

Make this one yours and enjoy years of satisfying employment that only the Lynnwood Collection accomplishes.