Old English Mission

Coming from a world of change can be challenging and at times wasting. Most things change. Our age changes, our landscape changes, our tastes change, our job changes, our home changes. The very world we live in changes.

You also find that there are some things that change slowly, very slowly. Our faith weathers and strengthens with time; our character develops and refines; our families grow and mature. These changes reward and fulfill our lives.

When it comes to furniture, things change, but then the best things come back. That's what we've found with the Old English Mission Collection. A style that was borne in the olden days when furniture was intended to last generations and sometimes took years to build is here again. A rebuilding of times past, a treasure for tomorrow, and an investment in today. It's good when things change but it's better when good things come back.

Old English Mission is grand in quartersawn white oak, red oak, or cherry and is available in over thirty finishes.