Redmond Wellington

When Rogers and Hammerstein wrote the lyrics to the song, "My Favorite Things," they took a step back in time. "Brown paper packages tied up with strings, these are a few of my favorite things." In an era where glossy floral wrapping paper is status quo, perfection flows from the beauty of antiquity: brown paper packages. By now, woodworking has advanced to the highest level of accuracy and precision. Modern, evenly-spaced lines, hidden fasteners, smooth finishes; all these contribute to the sense of perfection we experience every day. But we wanted more, so we went to the drawing board. Back to the days of brown paper packages.

Redmond Wellington is a fusion of antiquity with modernity. The exposed dovetailed joints, rough-hewn tops, knots, and peg fasteners speak to the beauty of the time when aeroplanes were only found in artists' drawings and in the minds of little boys, and when a doll's dress was the best gift a little girl would hope for at Christmas. But the precision of the manufacturer and the flawless dimensions and proportions are from an era when a bedroom suite can be crafted to last a lifetime. Looking back at perfection: Redmond Wellington Bedroom Collection.